Products and Services

Robot Raconteur

Robot Raconteur is a sophisticated open-source software communication framework and middleware for Robotics, Automation, and the Internet of Things. It has numerous advanced technical features, and is widely compatible with various programming languages and operating systems. Its plug-and-play capabilities with service discovery makes it significantly easier to use than competing technologies. A rich ecosystem of device drivers and support packages is also available. Robot Raconteur is available as a ROS package, providing interoperability with the popular ecosystem. Robot Raconteur has received funding from the US Department of Defense ARM Institute. Robot Raconteur is patented and trademarked.

PyRI Open-Source Teach Pendant

The PyRI (Python Restricted Industrial) Open-Source Teach Pendant is a programming device and development environment designed to make advanced open-source technologies accessible to technicians who do not have extensive engineering education. It provides a high-level programming environment using Blockly and a restricted version of Python, with a web-based user interface. The web-based user interface can be used with a dedicated hardware device (the Teach Pendant), or with any standard laptop/desktop computer. PyRI builds on the plug-and-play capabilities of Robot Raconteur. 

The PyRI Open-Source Teach Pendant began as a project funded by the US Department of Defense ARM Institute. It is developed primarily by Wason Technology and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Tesseract Robot Motion Planner

Tesseract is an open source lightweight robot motion planner developed by Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) and contributors around the world. Tesseract development is led by Levi Armstrong. Wason Technology contributes to the development of Tesseract, specializing in the Python wrapper interface. Robot Raconteur and PyRI utilize Tesseract for path planning capabilities.

Engineering Services

Dr. John Wason is a robotics expert with extensive experience. He has been the owner of Wason Technology, LLC for over ten years, and before that spent ten years as a student researcher. See About Us for a full listing of skills and experience. See the Portfolio page for a listing of previous projects. See About Us for a full resume.